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Every segment of the industry in Kerala is done dusted since the lockdown began. Boats are lying idle, 400 peeling sheds are closed and so are the factories. We are all wondering what will happen to our business commitments. It’s scary even to think about it, we are experiencing such a disaster for the first time and hence we are just groping in the dark. During the 21- day lockdown , fishing was halted due to the closure of stages facilities, markets, and processing plants. Discontent in brewing among fish workers and boat owners over the decision to shut down the Munambam Fishing Harbor for some days from Saturday, in the face of a surge in COVID-19 cases in the region. The decision taken collectively by the district administration and health and fisheries departments has been conveyed to the Munambam Harbour Management Society. The harbour, which reopened after the trawling ban just about a fortnight ago will remain closed atleast until September 11, after a fish dealer at the harbour tested positive recenty. The shutdown will take a heavy toll on the livelihood of fish workers and boat owners who have already suffered from the lockdown and inclement weather. Rather than closing the harbour down for weeks, it could have been reopened after disinfection in a couple of days as was done in the case of a harbour at kollam. As of Friday, 21 have tested positive in Munambam, out of which 17 were found to be working at the harbour. So a closure of two or three days for disinfection is of little use. Health authorities said permitting fishing boats to venture out to sea during the closure of the harbour defeated the purpose of checking the spread, considering that each boat employs around 10-15 workers. They also shared concerns over a potentially infected employee turning critical when the boat was away from the shore. The spread of the fresh wave of COVID-19 has hit fishing harbours in the Eranakulam district, including chellanam, thoppumpady, vypeen, pallipuram , and munambam. A senior Fisheries Department officials said fishing operations had been regulated through standing orders issued during the first wave of the pandemic. Harbours have management committees to oversee operations in keeping with the COVID-19 protocol. Auctions continue to be banned, and sale of fish takes place on the basis of pre-fixed price for the catch. However, when harbour stakeholders fail to adhere to the pandemic protocol, the authorities are forced to restrict operations. Lockdown in panchayats like pallipuram has not affected the operation of major harbours like Munambam. The harbour was reopened on the intervention of the authorities following an appeal by stakeholders. Kerala is into a state of complete lockdown , enforcing major regulations from March 24 in order to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus. While certain relaxations for the steady supply of essential commodities have ensured that the state is not brought to a standstill, the fishing sector in kerala is hit hard as harbours in the state are being shut down. Fishers have termed the regulations “impartial”.

Another direction was for boats not to unload catch to the harbour simultaneously as is done normaly; instead, it has been directed that only two boats unload the catch at one time.Calling these regulations ‘impartial’ , fishing harbours of Munambam in Ernakulam district and some others have shut down. There are many problems. The main problem is the delay. It is not possible for workers in the boats to wait for their turn for hours to unload the catch. All these workers in boats, who reach the harbour from sea by early morning, will be eager to somehow unload the catch, finish the action and get back home. On the regukar days , the work will be over before noon. If, as per the regulations, they wait for their turn, even by evening they can’t leave from there. Moreover , the fish will get spoiled and the delay in completing the sale of fish in harbours will also drastically affect small scale traders. By the time the small scale vendors buy this fish from the harbour and begin sale, it will be around evening, after which no one will be allowed to operate shops. As per the general lockdown order in Kerala, shops selling essential commodities including food items, can only function from 7am to 5pm in the state, except kasargod. Some fish markets function only in the evening hours, they have to change their time. From the rising diesel price to shrinking supply of local raw materials for processing are hurting the seafood industry in kerala. And also from 14th May , kerala faced heavy rainfall lead to water logging in low – lying areas. High waves and sea incursion damaged some coastal areas. All those completely affected fishing sector very much. Above all this circumstances and pandemic situations, QMF Seafoods serve differently, having varities of fresh fish and seafood like squid, crab, prawns even in this pandemic. In Ernakulam district , QMF is one of the best online hub in service even in this lockdown, transportation facilities for the same also provided by their team. QMF providing best fresh and hygiene fish from Kerala and Tamilnadu. Thereby a customer can assure that the fish has not gone far and that the individuals who catch live and work in the network you serve. QMF ensure the simple, new, conveyed , fresh fish items as demands even in this pandemi.

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