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Who are we really?

We have 20 Year Experience in this Sea food Trading Industry and QMF Sea Foods Pvt Ltd office  Registered  office working at Munambam .Our Company bargains Seafood easily and Quality, which is, maybe the absolute most significant word for any individual managing Seafood. Because of the tropical conditions existing here in India and the assorted idea of items dealt with, the nature of items must be continually observed. Understanding this, we have embraced Traditional strategies for dealing with the Fish Products our motto is Fresh fish and Healthy fish

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The ocean of Kerala is blessed with diverse marine life which became an essential source of protein. Therefore, it is no wonder that almost all of our fish and seafood supply come from the waters of our country. Above all, we keep our transportation distance short and thus ensure the freshness of our fish and seafood.

History of Munambam Fishing Harbour

Munambam is a suburb of Kochi, in the district of Ernakulam, located at the northern part of Vypeen Island. Munabam Harbour is one of the famous spots that made the place, very popular. The harbour is mainly functioned under the Munambom Fisheries Harbour Management Society, which has 14 members, consisting of five fishermen and remaining ex-officio members of departments. The Chairman of the society is the District Collector and the Member Secretary is the Joint Fisheries Director. It is regarded as “a one-stop destination” that serves the customers both local and other parts of the district. The customer satisfaction is the prime concern with regard to their products and services. This concern helped them to establish a long term network and business contract. It has got a lot of attention even from the exporters due to the maintenance of its cleanliness and efficiency. The role of local fishermen is inevitable as they consider the harbour as their home. Now, it is reported that their mode of functions will be adopted all across the state. With its prominent location in Munambam, the harbour has got a various modes of transport. The main service that can be availed are the categories are Fish Wholesalers, Fish Retailers, Dry Fish Wholesalers, Fish Distributors, Fish Merchants, Frozen Fish Distributors, Dry Fish Retailers and Dry Fish Retailers.

Quality of the fish

Fish is an inevitable part in most of the Indian cuisine. More than cultural reason, there is a scientific fact behind this practice. All fish supply high measures of protein have low degrees of immersed fat and contain nutrient E, a significant cell reinforcement. Fish benefits individuals with diabetes, can contribute calcium (from the little, delicate bones in some fish) to one's eating routine, and may decrease the danger of asthma in kids. QMF Exports always maintain the best quality in its supplies.