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QMF Sea Foods is one of the best inbound fishing Suppliers in South India. We serve more than 400 + Shops, 50 + Exporting Companies all over Kerala and South India .QMF Exports, established by Manu Shaju Padamattummel, the son of Shaju Padamattummel, functions at an international level of establishment that mainly focuses on the delivery of the best quality Fresh Seafood from Direct Fisherman’sHomegrown exchange. Our services are categorised into Three levels of distributions in the market. They are Exporting Companies, Fresh Fish Stalls and Fish Oil Manufacturing Companies.

Exporting Companies

We have a good demand over varieties of fresh fish from the well-reputed Exporting Companies. Fresh Fish and seafood like squid, crab, prawn are distributed as per the need of the clients. The Transportation facilities for the same are also provided by our team


Fresh Fish Stalls

Secondly, our distribution services are also extended to the Fresh Fish Stalls all over Kerala. We keep a regular enquiry and identify the interest of what type of fresh fish and seafood in the market is more demanding. Thereby, our advice and suggestions play a major role in the performance of these clients in their business.

Fish Oil Manufacturing Companies

We also have the distribution of fresh fish to the major Fish Oil Manufacturing Companies across the globe. The clients are well satisfied with our service and materials. We always maintain a professional and quality approach in our services. This is the major attraction towards QMF Seafood In addition to these above categories, we also work as a commission agent, where we charge only 2% commission for our service. Our venture is one of the innovative enterprises in the last few decades.
Our primary aim is to ensure a serious edge in both quality and cost to every one of our accomplices. We possess the best team of skilled and experienced staffs in the field of fishing. We provide technical assistance for you in identifying the right provider, market, brand and quality that suit for your necessities. This is carried out after an extensive assessment.

It is very crucial to understand the nature of the item prior to purchasing. Our main concern is to maintain your trust as the best accomplice of Domestic business in India. So, we endeavour our obligation in ensuring quality item at the best cost. With our sub Center's around, we can fetch you any trending items based on the market interest.

We are your trustworthy agent in this field of business. There is no comprise with our expert methodology and quality control measures. We ensure all the shipments with quality and detailed report.

A Responsible Adventure

We follow all the basic steps to assure you the highest levels of freshness and hygiene. Some of them are:

  • Quality Index Method(QIM) and Organoleptic check ( look, surface, smell ) are utilised for checking freshness

  • Fresh debuts are guaranteed day by day

  • Tough checks are attempted when stocks show up and are taken care of following rigid standards

  • Standard anglers advancement projects to overhaul abilities and quality direction are embraced View Charters



Locally-Sourced Seafood

It is true that we are in a competitive market, but we can attract your clients by following simple steps. From the locally sourced seafood, we are providing agreeable support, a perfect business, and quality. These are actually the authentic one among the top things individuals search for a fish café. Furthermore, when individuals consider quality, they search for nearby fish that is available territorially and conveyed from a neighbourhood provider. QMF Seafood is a territorial organisation situated in Munambam. We work with Local Fishermen who source our fresh fish from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Thereby you can assure that your fish item has not gone far and that the individuals who catch live and work in the networks you serve

Simple. Fresh. Delivered.


Today’s market demands for the best Quality, and this is our primary aim at QMF Seafood. We always look for the best progress on each and every day. Regardless of whether it is the newness of our privately sourced, our client support, or on-time conveyance, you can depend on QMF Seafood that always distribute you the best in item and administration each and every time.

At QMF Seafood, “Simple. New. Conveyed.” is our motto, which is the manner in that we work together as a network.

Local Fisherman – Local Fresh Seafood

In the moment when you own a business that administrate clients in and around the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, you cannot easily arrange fish from different regions. Your clients are utilized to a degree of value that individuals in different parts of the nation just dream about, and they can tell when the fish on their plate isn't up to their principles. All together for your business

to flourish, you just need to keep a degree of freshness and quality that can just come from locally caught and sourced fish items.

At QMF Distributors, we are always connected to your networks. We may have even belittled your business prior, so we know how significant the freshness and the quality are. This is the main reason behind our devotion in furnishing you with just the highest-caliber, locally caught fresh fish and seafood.

More than a Seafood Distributor

We always consider that you need something beyond what another fish supply organisation. You are searching for an accomplice who explores your business, clients, and the requirement for privately sourced fish. We have Quality Control staffs who are utilized by our association to check and review every single transfer. We routinely examine our requests at different phases of the creation and a last review is made prior to stacking onto the holder. We always value and respect your demands and necessities in this field.



Meet The Team

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Manu Shaju

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Director of QMF Seafoods

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Shaju Padamattummamel

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Managing Director of QMF Sea Foods

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Vinu Shaju

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Director of QMF Seafoods